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A male student in an all-girls’ school
萬綠叢中一點紅 楊少凱舞進蘭女

Yang Shao-kai, right, the only male student at National Lan-Yang Girls’ Senior High School, shows some dance moves while his classmates clap and cheer in Yilan on Aug. 19.

Photo: Hu Chien-sen, Taipei Times

A boy named Yang Shao-kai registered to attend National Lan-Yang Girls’ Senior High School this year after passing the joint entrance exam for senior high school students in northern Taiwan. As the only boy among all these girls, he sticks out like a sore thumb, and is constantly the center of attention on campus. Yang started taking dance classes as a young boy, so he has gotten used to being in a feminine environment. He invariably feels a little nervous in his new surroundings, though.

Yang is a student in the school’s dance program, which was established 23 years ago. He attended Miaoli Junior High School’s dance program during his junior high school years, during which time he heard about Lan-Yang Girls’ Senior High School. He was impressed with the school and Yilan County in general and his parents were also very supportive of his decision to select the school as his first choice, and he eventually became the only boy in the entire school.

Although school has not formally started yet, Yang has been attending summer courses and wears the same light blue uniform shirt that the girls wear, with “Lan-Yang Girls’ Senior High School” written in Chinese on the chest. People give him curious looks when he walks down the street.

Since there are only restrooms for female students in the school, the school has made an exception for Yang and allow him to use the male staff restrooms. He gets along well with his classmates and was elected to serve as deputy class representative. He is used to spending time with girls because there were only two boys in his junior high school class.

Yang cannot stay in the classroom with his classmates whenever they have to change clothes. Instead, he uses the male staff restrooms. He has to be sure to knock on the door when he returns to class to see if it is safe to enter the room. Yang is only the third boy to ever attend the school. The first one attended the school 10 years ago, and the second one eight years ago.


1. stick out like a sore thumb v. phr.

萬綠叢中一點紅 (wan4 lu4 cong2 zhong1 yi1 dian3 hong2)

例: She tends to stick out like a sore thumb because she is so tall.


2. center of attention n. phr.

注目焦點 (zhu4 mu4 jiao1 dian3)

例: He always wants to be the center of attention.


3. supportive adj.

支持的 (zhi1 chi2 de5)

例: Her teacher was very supportive about her

decision to study abroad next year.


(Liberty Times, Translated by Taijing Wu)







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