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Italian town honors Mona Lisa thief as ‘patriot’
《蒙娜麗莎》遭竊百年 盜賊竟成「愛國者」

In a file photo taken in 2005, workers hang Leonardo Da Vinci’s Mona Lisa in the renovated 19th century Salle des Etats in Paris’ Louvre museum.

Photo: AFP

The native town of an Italian laborer who stole the Mona Lisa from the Louvre museum in Paris 100 years ago on Aug. 21 in the art world’s most famous heist will honor him with a play that portrays him as a patriot.

“We believe Peruggia was a patriot,” said Simone Toffanin, director of the play entitled The Trial of Vincenzo Peruggia — part of a summer theater festival in the town of Dumenza north of Milan near the shores of picturesque Lago Maggiore.

Recounting the famous house painter’s story, the official website for Dumenza uses quotation marks around the word “thief” to describe Peruggia. Instead of the word “stolen,” the website also says the painting was “withdrawn” from the Louvre.

But Dumenza’s mayor Corrado Nazario Moro said he did not want Peruggia to become some kind of local hero if only to safeguard his town’s reputation. “We do not want to become known as the birthplace of the Mona Lisa thief,” he said.

The Mona Lisa went missing from the main gallery of the Louvre on Aug. 21, 1911.

It was recovered more than two years later when Peruggia tried to sell the painting to an antiques dealer in Florence in December 1913. He was tried in Italy but received a relatively light sentence and said he had acted purely out of patriotism.









1. heist n.

竊盜 (qie4 dao4)

例: The largest cash heist in the US occurred in California in 1997.


2. portray v.

刻劃 (ke4 hua4)

例: The author portrays the mother as a pillar of the community.


3. picturesque adj.

景色優美的 (jing3 se4 you1 mei3 de5)

例: The ocean and mountain landscapes of eastern Taiwan are very picturesque.



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