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New Zealand prisoners given carrots to quit smoking
紐西蘭監獄禁菸在即 獄方給囚犯紅蘿蔔戒菸

A participant wears a mask at a rally on World No Tobacco Day in Bhopal, India on May 31.

Photo: EPA

New Zealand prisoners are reportedly being offered carrot sticks to help them overcome nicotine cravings as jails prepare to go smoke-free next month.

A leaked internal memo from Invercargill Prison said prisoners were being supplied with two carrot sticks a day in an effort to make them quit smoking before the total ban comes into force on July 1, the Southland Times reported.

The memo said one jumbo-sized carrot could yield 16 carrot sticks if cut into uniform size “to the best of our ability,” the newspaper reported on May 31.

Corrections Association of New Zealand president Beven Hanlon said when he first heard about the scheme he thought it was a joke.

“I don’t think it is one of the best ideas but it is worth a try,” he told the newspaper.

Hanlon said the carrot sticks were intended to take prisoners’ minds off smoking and they were a healthier alternative to other options.

“It’s the whole oral thing ... if they have got something in their mouth, they won’t be looking for a cigarette to put in it,” he said.











1. craving n.

渴望 (ke3 wang4)

例: Most people get cravings for food from their homeland whenever they travel abroad for an extended period.


2. uniform adj.

雷同的 (lei2 tong2 de5)

例: Sometimes housing developments in the suburbs look so uniform.


3. scheme n.

方案 (fang1 an4)

例: Corporations are constantly coming up with new schemes to convince people to buy their products.


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