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Painting of Picasso’s muse sold at British auction
畢卡索繆斯名畫「閱讀」 英國拍賣會售出

An undated handout picture issued on Tuesday by Sotheby’s of “La Lecture,” a major painting by Pablo Picasso depicting Marie-Therese Walter.

Photo: EPA 照片:歐新社

A celebrated masterpiece by Pablo Picasso sold on Tuesday at Sotheby’s auction house in London for 25.2 million pounds (NT$1.2 billion), more than double its pre-auction valuation.

“La Lecture” is a work from the Spanish painter’s “annus mirabilis,” 1932, and depicts the artist’s famous muse, Marie-Therese Walter. The painting was sold for the equivalent of US$40.7 million or 29.7 million euros.

Its expected sale price was 12 million pounds.

Tuesday’s sale — which also included works by Wassily Kandinsky, Rene Magritte and Edouard Manet — fetched a total of 68.8 million pounds, according to the auction house’s website.

Seven bidders vied for the coveted Picasso work, the hammer eventually coming down after six minutes of bidding to finalize the sale to an anonymous phone buyer.

Picasso met Walter when he was 45 and she was 17 outside the Galeries Lafayette in Paris in 1927, while he was still married to Olga Khoklova.



「閱讀」(La Lecture)是西班牙繪畫大師在一九三二年「奇蹟年」(annus mirabilis)描繪他的著名繆斯女神瑪麗─特瑞莎.華特的作品。這幅畫以相當於四千零七十萬美元或兩千九百七十萬歐元的天價拍出。







1. vie v.

爭奪 (zheng1 duo2)

例: Therese has ten kids and they all vie for her attention, 24/7.


2. finalize v.

定案 (ding4 an4)

例: We would prefer not to announce the appointment until the details have been finalized.


3. anonymous adj.

匿名的 (ni4 ming2 de5)

例: She didn’t leave a name. I told you, it was an anonymous call.


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