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What the year has in store: Goat, Monkey, Rooster, Dog and Swine

Goat 羊

You will have a stable year. You might sometimes encounter obstacles and might be involved in lawsuits. You must remain calm whenever family problems occur.


FOR 2011:

Money: Earning money will be harder for you than normal and you will not have much luck financially. You won’t have large amounts of income, but you will not suffer unexpected financial loss either.

Love: You will not have much luck with your love life. You might argue with your spouse or lover over money. Be prepared to back down or compromise. If you’re married, you should focus on the positive traits of your spouse. It is not clear whether single people will find a partner or not this year, so if single, you must be careful not to miss any hard-earned chances.

Health: You might be ill this year; therefore you must take care of your health while you work hard. Be careful about your diet and exercise regularly because health will bring you real wealth.





Monkey 猴

Your fortune will be stable this year. Although several unexpected incidents might occur and sometimes cause you concern, they won’t cause you any real trouble. If you’re male, you will do well in your career. If you’re female, family life will be harmonious.


FOR 2011:

Money: Your will do well financially and your income will increase. However you still have to worry about unnecessary expenditure. You have to learn to manage your money and make long-term financial plans. When investing, you are advised to put your money in stable industries.

Love: You will be luckier in your love life. Single people should look further afield for love, although you might find an interested party through established friends.

Health: You don’t have to worry about your health. You might be tired and suffer from insomnia because of work-related stress, so take some rest. Make sure you maintain a balanced diet and you won’t suffer from health issues.





Rooster 雞

Life is going to be up and down this year, and you might have to deal with a few things you’d rather not have to deal with. This might get you a bit down. Don’t be afraid of taking advice.


FOR 2011:

Money: Your finances will not be in good shape. Be careful. Reduce expenditure to avoid wasting money. Avoid getting carried away in material things and do not lend money to people.

Love: You must beware about losing money and avoid lending cash to someone of the opposite sex. There might be a third-party in your love life. You might even become one yourself. Prudence is recommended.

Health: Becoming too preoccupied with things will affect your health. You might suffer from insomnia or even be moody. The stress might bring you headaches or stomachaches. You should try to establish a daily routine.




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