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What the year has in store: Rat and Ox


Rat 鼠

People under the sign of the rat will experience both good and bad luck in the year of the rabbit. Money matters promise to be good, and academic success awaits them. They can also look forward to promotion at work. They should avoid arguments, and caution is advised before decisions are made. They are also advised to abide by the law and keep away from unhealthy practices. If they do this, they can turn bad luck into good.


For 2011:

Money: Finances are looking up. Don’t be afraid of a little hard work, and this will pay dividends in the end. You might meet someone who will promote you or give you a raise.

Love: Your love life promises to be stable, albeit with unforeseen twists and turns. The as-yet unmarried among you will be looking to tie the knot. It is important to have the courage to express how you feel, or you might miss your chance.

Health: Your health will remain stable, without any major illness. You have to avoid mishaps and going out late at night.





Ox 牛

The year of the rabbit will not go entirely smoothly for people under the sign of the ox, with problems originating from an organization or your family. Get your internal affairs in order before turning to external issues. Taking part in all kinds of social groups will bring you good luck.


For 2011:

Money: Finances may well be precarious this year. Best to save money and not fritter it away. Invest with caution. Be careful with large investments.

Love: Your love life might be a tad rocky this year. Both men and women will be thinking their partner doesn’t understand them. Be considerate, and try not to be overly critical of your other half.

Health: Health will be a worry for people born in the year of the ox this year. Beware of minor ailments and avoid losing your temper.





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