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Thin bus drivers deserve better pay, Lithuanian firm says

In this Oct. 28, 2010 photo, Ukraine’s Deputy Prime Minister Boris Kolesnikov drives the first of 2,000 passenger buses designed by Ukrainian LAZ motor company for the Euro 2012 football championships in Lviv, Ukraine.

Photo: AFP

Thin bus drivers deserve higher salaries than their overweight colleagues, a Lithuanian transport company decided in an unconventional move to promote healthy lifestyles slammed by trade unions.

“Over 100 bus drivers were weighed to calculate their body mass index,” Elena Diniene, head of a local trade union in the northern city of Siauliai, told AFP.

She explained that body mass index (BMI) is one of the criteria in a system of points that are decisive in salary hikes. A driver’s health profile and blood pressure are among the other factors considered in determining pay rises, she said.

“We cannot call it anything other than a mockery. If they (the company) do not reconsider we will appeal to the courts,” Diniene added.

“We just wanted to promote a healthy lifestyle,” Vilius Lauzikas, director of Busturas, the transport company in question, told the Siauliu Krastas daily.

Lithuania’s largest-circulation daily Lietuvos Rytas ironically noted that the new rules mean that “drivers at work will feel like they’re competing in a beauty pageant.”(afp)






立陶宛發行量最大的Lietuvos Rytas諷刺地報導說,這些新規定似乎表示「工作崗位上的司機好像參加選美比賽」。



1. slam v.

猛烈抨擊 (meng3 lie4 peng1 ji2)

例: The candidate slammed the media for their election coverage.


2. decisive adj.

關鍵的 (guan1 jian4 de5)

例: The second home run was the game’s decisive moment.


3. circulation n.

發行量 (fa1 xing2 linag4)

例: The slide in newspaper circulation has slowed down recently.


4. beauty pageant n.

選美 (xuan2 mei3)

例: Lisa is a professional model and has appeared in many beauty pageants.


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