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British drivers hit more than 70,000 deer a year

Deers lie on the grass at Bradgate Park in Newtown Linford, central England, on Oct. 25, 2010.


British drivers were last week urged to ease off the gas in an effort to cut down on tens of thousands of collisions with deer recorded each year.

Around 74,000 deer are hit on Britain’s roads every year, according to figures from breakdown service Autonational Rescue.

Such accidents can cause up to 700 human casualties, including several fatalities, and annually cost more than £21 million (US$33 million) in damage, according to the data.

“There are probably around 200 accidents a day involving deer,” said Autonational marketing manager Ronan Hart.

“It’s a much bigger problem than people realize and not something that happens once in a blue moon to motorists,” added a spokesman for deer protection organization, the Deer Initiative.

The warning came amid reports that a giant red stag, thought to be Britain’s biggest wild animal, was killed for its antlers.

The body of the “Exmoor Emperor,” named after the area in southwest England where the stag was frequently sighted, was found close to a road in the county of Devon.

It is believed that a licensed hunter is responsible for legally killing the stag, which stood 2.75m to the tips of its antlers.








這隻拉丁學名為「Exmoor Emperor」,以英國西南部地區、該種野鹿常遭目擊的地方命名,遺骸不幸於德文郡的一條路上被發現。




1. collision n.

碰撞 (peng4 zhuang4)

例: The collision happened as one plane was landing and another was taking off.


2. breakdown n.

故障 (gu4 zhang4)

例: Motorists should prepare properly to minimize the risks of a breakdown.


3. casualty n.

傷亡 (shang1 wang2)

例: Hundreds of civilian casualties were evacuated from the war zone.


4. antler n.

鹿角 (lu4 jiao3)

例: It’s believed the animal was killed for its antlers.


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