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A : After work yesterday I bumped into an old high school classmate on the subway. She said she had been laid off.

B : Really? What was her job? Maybe I can help her out somehow.

A : She is a graphic designer. I’m going out for a meal with her tomorrow. I’ll ask her in more detail then.

B : My uncle’s company may need someone with that kind of skills. I’ll ask for you.

A : 昨天下班後在捷運上遇到高中同學。她說被裁員了。

B : 真的嗎?她是做什麼的?說不定我可以幫忙。

A : 她是做繪圖的,我明天會跟她吃飯,到時再問詳細一點。

B : 我叔叔的公司或許會需要這樣的人才,我再幫你問問看。

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