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Desperately seeking the MRT dream man 心儀電車男 人肉搜尋終遺憾


Lulu was riding the MRT when she first set eyes on the man of her dreams, but had to get off the train before she had a chance to talk to him.

Cursing herself for lacking courage, she had to satisfy herself with taking a quick snapshot to show her friends and dream about one day getting to know him. After much hand wringing on Lulu’s part for missing the opportunity to talk to the handsome man, her good friend Chris decided to help out by finding the man in the vast sea of people.

Chris uploaded the picture to Facebook and, calling the page “Lulu is looking for her MRT man,” organized a group for finding the man. After less than a week, his unorthodox scheme had gathered more than 500 members who volunteered to act as Lulu’s own special agents. Mighty is the power of the Internet, and before long the MRT man was identified.

The man in the photograph, who looked cultured in a long-sleeve dress shirt and gray tie, turned out to be a 26-year-old salesperson at the New Beitou branch of Sinyi Realty Co. He was unmarried, but in a relationship.

He was surprised to become the target of a search by Internet users, and said that, “I had been visiting a client, and I’d been on the MRT too long, so I fell asleep.” He was very open to the idea that someone thought of him as the man of her dreams. “Let’s meet and be friends, that’s OK with me!” he said.

Mr Chen, an Internet user who “broke the case” to Chris, works for another branch of the same realty company. Chen said he happened to see the note about the search a few days ago, and immediately saw that the tie was part of the company uniform. He sent off a few e-mails and after a while Han Juo-hsi replied and admitted that he was the man in the picture.

“We are very serious, this is not a joke and not at all ill-intended,” said Chris who helped his good friend with the search. He added that if the MRT man wanted, he would arrange a meeting so they could meet and become friends as soon as possible. He said in the beginning, he felt it was quite a romantic idea, and it was all based on propriety and good intentions.







「我們很認真,沒有玩笑成分,更沒有惡意。」替好友發起尋人任務的Chris說,如果電車男願意,會儘快安排大家見面做朋友,當初只是覺得這個過程也許很浪漫,一切也都是從「發乎情,止乎禮」做起點啦! (自由時報記者劉榮)


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