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‘Spider-Man’ rescues autistic Thai boy 「蜘蛛人」救了泰國自閉男孩一命

This photo taken on March 23, 2009 shows a Thai fireman, left, dressed in a Spider-Man costume carrying a boy at a special needs school in Bangkok.


A Thai fireman turned superhero when he dressed up as comic-book character Spider-Man to coax a frightened eight-year-old from a balcony, police said last week.

Teachers at a special needs school in Bangkok called the fire service when an autistic pupil, scared of going to lessons, sat out on the third-floor ledge and refused to come inside, a police sergeant told AFP.

Despite teachers’ efforts to persuade the boy to go inside, he refused to move until his mother mentioned her son’s love of superheroes, prompting fireman Sonchai Yoosabai to take a new approach to the problem.

“My fireman rushed back to the fire station and took out his Spider-Man costume ... The boy immediately ran into his arms with a smile,” sergeant Virat Boonsadao said.

He said the fireman keeps the costume at work to liven up school fire drills.









1. character n.

角色 (jiao3 se4),人物 (ren2 wu4)

例: Snoopy is my favorite cartoon character.


2. balcony n.

陽台 (yang2 tai2)

例: Harry loves to sit on his balcony when it's sunny.


3. persuade v.t.

說服 (shui4 fu2)

例: We finally managed to persuade Toby not to drop out of college.


4. rush v.i./v.t.

衝 (chong1)

: Everybody rushed to the window to see what caused the noise.


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