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Swiss spider-smuggler seized on German border 瑞士司機走私蜘蛛德國邊界落網

German customs officials inspecting a Swiss car got a nasty shock when they discovered 164 large spiders and 45 boxes of cockroaches — the spiders’ food for the journey, a spokesman said last week.

The trap-door spiders, most “as big as a fist”, were found wriggling around in boxes and plastic bags, Markus Ueckert, a spokesman for the customs office in the south-western German city of Loerrach said.

“Of course, the officers didn’t open anything. They knew immediately what was going on,” Ueckert added.

The Swiss driver was hoping to line his pockets by selling the spiders at a fair in Germany but they were seized when he failed to produce the proper licence.

The same man was stopped at exactly the same place in 2007 trying to carry nearly 1,000 spiders across the border in his car.

He has been charged with tax fraud and breaking nature protection laws.(afp)








Jan: I’ve got some good news for you. I’ve finally bought a chimpanzee.

Andreas: Are you out of your mind? You can’t keep a chimpanzee as a pet!

Jan: Give me one good reason why not.

Andreas: I can give you more than one. They’re wild animals, and should be in the jungle, not a city.

Jan: Anything else?

Andreas: They’re dangerous. They’ve been known to attack people.

Jan: OK, OK, I get the picture. I’ll choose another animal.








get the picture 瞭解狀況

You can say you get the picture when you understand what somebody has been explaining to you. For example, “She didn’t understand at first but she eventually got the picture.”

當你聽懂某人向你解釋的事情時,你可以說你「get the picture」。例如:「她一開始沒搞懂,不過後來終於明白了」。

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