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Czech man shamed in handcuff hazard 捷克男子玩手銬「漏氣」求救

A Czech man who thoughtlessly handcuffed himself ended up at a police station begging for help. But the police took him for an escaped criminal, the CTK news agency said.

The 48-year-old man found the handcuffs in a trashcan in the southern Czech town of Brno, then took them to a pub where he bet his friends he could free himself with the help of a piece of wire, the way action heroes would do.

When he failed, he walked to the police station, but the officers did not believe his story and looked into his background to check if he was clean.

“The desperate handcuffed man first came begging for help at the police station, but he failed and had to look up a locksmith in the end,” CTK quoted a police spokeswoman as saying.(AFP)






The Czech Republic has the third highest alcohol consumption per capita, behind Uganda and Luxembourg.


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