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The Adventures of Kathleen the Great and Mark the Meek 英勇凱薩琳與害羞馬克歷險記

Meet Kathleen the mouse and Mark the elephant. Kathleen is very brave and likes adventure, but Mark is very shy and scared of many things. But friends stay together, so Mark follows Kathleen wherever she goes. Sometimes they get into some very sticky situations.


Mark and Kathleen take a walk on the wild side 馬克與凱薩琳漫步在荒野

Mark and Kathleen stepped off the coach and picked up their backpacks. “Where on earth are we?” Mark asked, as he looked around at the trees and mountains. “I have no idea, but you must admit it’s beautiful,” said Kathleen. There wasn’t a single person in sight, which was just what she wanted for her camping trip. “Let’s go that way,” she said, pointing to a trail that led into the forest.

They walked along the trail for almost an hour until they came to a stream. Mark had brought his fishing equipment, so he took out his rod and slung the hook into the river. It didn’t take long before the first fish began to bite and by the time he’d finished he had almost a dozen fish.

But Kathleen thought fishing was boring. “Let’s do something more exciting, like climb a mountain. Fishing’s for old men!” Mark didn’t want to climb a mountain but he agreed. On the trail up the mountain they passed several hikers coming down. “Don’t go up there. It’s dangerous,” said one of the hikers. Mark was nervous, but Kathleen insisted that they continue. “Come on, silly. It’ll be an adventure!” she yelled.

Soon the trail narrowed and before long it was only wide enough for one person at a time to walk along it. If they put a foot wrong, they’d fall hundreds of meters down the mountainside. “Kathleen, I’m scared. Let’s find a place to camp,” said Mark. So they found a flat area and put the tent up. That evening, they roasted weenies and marshmallows, and sang songs around the campfire. Pretty soon they were both asleep, but in the middle of the night a loud noise outside the tent woke them up. Kathleen spoke first. “What was that? Let’s go and investigate…”


Write your own ending to the story!


Idea 1: A hungry bear has wandered over to their campsite! Does it attack them? How do they defend themselves?

想法一: 一頭飢腸轆轆的熊跑到他們紮營的地方閒晃!牠會攻擊他們嗎?他們會怎麼自衛?

Idea 2: They put the tent up on quicksand and now they are sinking! Do they manage to escape? How?

想法二: 他們把帳篷搭在流沙上,所以現在下沉中!他們能逃出來嗎?用什麼方法?

Idea 3: They forgot to put out the fire and now they’ve started a forest fire! Do they put out the fire? Are they both OK?

想法三: 他們忘了把火撲熄,所以引起了森林大火!他們能撲熄這場大火嗎?他們兩人都平安無事嗎?





沒多久,小徑就開始變窄;又過了不久,這條路就小到一次只能容一人通行。只要一失足,就會跌落數百公尺深的山谷中。馬克說:「凱薩琳,我好怕。我們找個地方紮營吧。」他們找到一處平地架起帳篷。當晚,他們烤了煙燻香腸和棉花糖來吃,還圍著營火唱歌。不到一會兒的時間,他們倆都睡著了。到了半夜,帳篷外傳來一陣好大的聲響,把他們給吵醒了。凱薩琳先開口說:「那是什麼聲音?我們去調查看看…」 (翻譯:袁星塵)

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