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‘Stupid’ beaver bites girl, but next time she’ll have her sword ready 瑞典女孩遭海狸咬傷 誓言下次會拔劍戰鬥

A duck looks at a beaver rat in the Artis Zoo in Amsterdam on July 25, 2007.


A young girl was bitten by a beaver last week in northern Sweden but was not seriously hurt.

“It was a stupid beaver,” said Matilda Jansson, who will soon be four years old.

Her mother had spotted the beaver in a ditch some 500m from their home. She phoned the family about her sighting as she was heading off for work.

Matilda, her father and her younger brother went to see the animal. They soon found it walking along the roadside. The father, Marcus Jansson, began filming it from 10m away.

He said he became distracted by a problem with his camera. When he looked up again, “Matilda had rushed off and was just a meter from the beaver. The animal immediately went to attack.”

Matilda was bitten in the arm and leg, but the injuries were not serious. When the father ran to help her, the beaver also tried to attack him.

Asked what she would do next time she encountered a beaver, Matilda said she would “pull out her sword” for protection.(DPA)










1. beaver n.

海狸 (hai3 li2)

例: Have you ever seen a beaver?


2. distract v.t./v.i.

分心 (fen1 xin1)

例: Don't distract me when I'm working.


3. injury n.

傷害 (shang1 hai4)

例: His ankle injury was serious.



遇到 (yu4 dao4)

例: We encountered a skunk on our trip.


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