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Controversial song leads to elimination on “American Idol” 選錯歌成不了美國偶像

Carly Smithson at the American Idol top 12 party on March 6, 2008, in West Hollywood, California, US.


Carly Smithson might be the first American Idol contestant to be voted off the show for blasphemy.

Online chat boards devoted to American Idol have been abuzz since Smithson performed the title song from Jesus Christ Superstar, a 1970 rock opera which many Christians consider offensive. Smithson received the fewest votes of the six remaining contestants following her performance. Her elimination was announced late last month. The week’s performances were drawn from the works of Andrew Lloyd Webber, who wrote Jesus Christ Superstar with Tim Rice.

Since its debut, and particularly following the release of the 1973 film version, Jesus Christ Superstar has been railed against by some Christians. The opera portrays Jesus as confused and at times unwilling to accept his role and hints that he had a sexual relationship with Mary Magdalene.

In the title song, Judas Iscariot rebukes Jesus for poor planning in his choice of when and where to present himself on earth and asks Jesus to contrast himself with Buddha and Mohammed.

Within hours of Smithson’s performance, which was hailed by one American Idol judge as one of the best of the night, questions were being raised online about the song. On one thread on the show’s official Web site,, a viewer warned shortly after the performance that Smithson’s choice of the song would put her in danger of elimination.

Some contestants on American Idol have used the religious overtones of songs to their benefit. Several weeks ago Kristy Lee Cook, a country singer who had been on the verge of elimination, improved her standing with a performance of the song God Bless the USA.

Simon Cowell, one of the show’s judges, called the effort “the most clever song choice I have heard in years.”


Sarah: What are you doing tonight?

Logan: Some friends and I are going to go to a KTV. Do you want to come along?

Sarah: No, I can’t stand KTV. I’m allergic to bad singing.

Logan: Bad singing! We’re not bad singers.

Sarah: I've seen your friends and find it hard to believe that none of them are tone deaf.






allergic to 極度討厭

The phrase allergic to can be used informally to say that you detest something. For example, “I wouldn’t recommend Brett for the position. He’s allergic to hard work.”

「allergic to」這個片語是表示憎恨某事的非正式用法,例如:「我不建議讓布萊德擔任那個職務,他討厭繁重工作」。










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