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Boomerang to be tested in space 外太空測試回力標

Mika Kallio of Finland throws a boomerang during an indigenous welcoming ceremony in the lead-up to the Australian Motorcycle Grand Prix, Phillip Island, Oct. 11, 2007.


A Japanese astronaut plans to throw a boomerang inside a space station. He wants to test how it can fly in zero gravity, an official said.

Astronaut Takao Doi, 53, is set to travel on a US shuttle in March to the International Space Station. He will be in charge of building a Japanese scientific testing room.

It is believed gravity is needed for a boomerang to fly back to the throwing spot, but no one has tried in zero gravity.

"Mr. Doi said he will personally carry a paper boomerang for the ... mission and we (think) he will try it when he has spare time," said an official of the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency.

Doi decided to do the test after he was asked by Yasuhiro Togai. Togai is a world boomerang champion from the western Japanese metropolis of Osaka.

Togai is said to have trained Doi on how to throw the boomerang.(AFP)








1. boomerang n.

回力標 (hui2 li4 biao1)

例: Have you ever thrown a boomerang?


2. zero gravity n. phr.

無重力 (wu2 zhong4 li4)

例: People float in zero gravity.


3. mission n.

任務 (ren4 wu4)

例: Your mission is to get Sam to school on time.


4. metropolis n.

大都市 (da4 du1 shi4)

例: Taipei is a large metropolis.


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