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Let boys play with toy guns, says the UK government 英政府:讓男孩玩玩具槍

Two boys play with toy guns in Kabul, Afghanistan, Jan. 5, 2007.
去年元月五日,兩名男孩在阿富汗喀布爾玩玩具槍。 照片︰法新社


Boys should be allowed to play with toy guns at nursery school, says the British government.

Young boys don't do as well in school as girls. The Department for Children, Schools and Families says this is partly because teachers try to stop boys from playing with toy guns. They say boys would be more interested in learning if they were allowed to play as they like.

Many people don't agree. They say that toy guns encourage violence. They feel that teachers are right to stop young boys from playing with toy guns.

But the Department for Children, Schools and Families pointed out that boys see guns on TV. They also have superheroes for role models. Many young boys like to pretend that they are these superheroes while playing.

The group says that teachers should allow the boys to act this way. They should also help guide the boys to make sure they respect their classmates. (STAFF WRITER, WITH THE GUARDIAN)







1. department n.

部門 (bu4 men2)

例: What department does Beth work in?


2. violence n.

暴力 (bao4 li4)

例: Violence is everywhere.


3. role model n.

榜樣 (bang3 yang4)

例: Superman is Ray's role model.


4. respect v.t.

尊重 (zun1 zhong4)

例: Annie doesn't respect her teachers enough.


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