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Ladybugs used to fight New York City pests 小瓢蟲紐約立大功

Ladybugs sit on a leaf in Mill Valley, US, April 19, 2007.


Ladybugs, 720,000 of them, have been released in the middle of New York City. They will help protect one of the city's biggest apartment complexes from pests.

Over the next few weeks, the ladybugs will crawl into plants in the Stuyvesant Town and Peter Cooper Village complex. They'll search for insects whose smell attracts them - including many pests.

The bugs were purchased at US$16.50 (NT$537) for 2,000. Because of the bugs, the complex's owner can avoid using chemical pesticides.

"In most cases, we reach for a can of pesticide, and we kill not only the 'bad guys,' but the 'good guys,'" said Eric Vinje, owner of the company that supplied the ladybugs. "All we're doing here is putting more of the 'good guys' [in] to tip the scale."

Vinje said a ladybug can eat up to 50 pests a day, plus insect eggs.

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1. ladybug n.

瓢蟲 (piao2 chong2)

例: Have you ever held a ladybug in your hand?


2. complex n.

複合物 (fu4 he2 wu4)

例: Mark's family lives in an apartment complex.


3. pesticide n.

殺蟲劑 (sha1 chong2 ji4)

例: Many kinds of pesticides are harmful.


4. tip the scale v. phr.

起決定性作用 (qi3 jue2 ding4 xing4 zuo4 yong4)

例: "How can we tip the scales," the coach wondered aloud.


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