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Last requests 最後請求

The burial clothes and mask of a man, found in China's Xinjiang region, on show in Berlin's Martin-Gropius Bau, Oct. 12, 2007.

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Bury me naked. Put a mobile phone in the coffin. Cremate me with my pet's ashes. Bury me with my teeth in. And do make sure I'm actually dead.

Those were some of the most popular requests by people planning their funerals, according to research by the British charity Age Concern, which promotes the interests of elderly people.

Britain is known for being a nation of animal lovers and it seems Britons cannot bear to be separated from their beloved pets - even when both parties are dead.

Age Concern Funeral Plans polled more than 100,000 of its customers and found that being buried with their pet's ashes was the most common funeral rite request.

But several top requests suggested many were worried about being buried alive, with those planning their funerals asking to be certified dead, for a mirror to be held over their faces to check for vapor signs of breathing and for a mobile phone left in the coffin.

Others were related to appearance, such as being buried in the nude "as they came into the world" or with their false teeth in.

The top eight most common requests were:

1. To be cremated with their pet's ashes;

2. To have a mobile phone in the coffin;

3. To ensure they are dead;

4. For a mirror to be held over their face to check for signs of breathing;

5. To be cremated naked;

6. To be buried in their own garden;

7. To be buried with their teeth in;

8. To be buried with all their savings.(AFP)







Torben: Do you ever think about death, Tom?

Tom: In what way?

Torben: You know, like what happens after you die? Do you have a soul that lives on? That kind of stuff.

Tom: To be honest mate, not really, I'm too busy living this life to worry about what'll happen when I'm pushing up the daisies.

Torben: Fair enough, mate, fair enough. Just thought I'd ask.






pushing up the daisies 死亡

Pushing up the daisies is a way of describing someone who is dead. Another common expression is to kick the bucket, which means to die.

「push up the daisies」是表達某人過世的一種說法。另外一種通俗的說法是「kick the bucket」,也表示某人死亡。



1. 和寵物骨灰一起火化。

2. 手機陪葬。

3. 確認死亡無誤。

4. 放一面鏡子到面前看是否起霧。

5. 裸體地火化。

6. 葬在自家花園裡。

7. 下葬前裝上假牙。

8. 和所有的積蓄一起下葬。


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