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Ship to house homeless? 廢船變身遊民收容所?

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The guided missile destroyer USS Benfold maneuvering in the Andaman Sea in 2005.PHOTO: AP

Many retired Navy ships have been turned into museums, but community groups here are hoping for what military officials say is a first: turning a decommissioned vessel into a floating homeless shelter.

The 195m destroyer tender Acadia was built in 1981 and sailed around the world several times with a crew of 1,500 before it was decommissioned in 1994. In January, Navy officials decided to dispose of, sell off or give away the vessel, which is docked at Pearl Harbor. Most ships are used for scrap or training after they are retired.

"Land is a high commodity. We live on a rock," the Rev. Gary Shields, director of the Victory Ohana Prison Fellowship, told The Honolulu Advertiser. "Hawaii has to do something different and out of the box. And this is out of the box."

A coalition called the Acadia Acquisition Committee is negotiating with the state for a place to put the ship. Its proposal calls for Acadia to start housing people as early as May 2009.

Organizers are trying to determine how much the program would cost but are expecting to spend US$2 million (NT$66.3 million) just to get the ship ready for basic accommodations such as air conditioning, revamped bunks and bedrooms.

Homelessness is a growing problem in Hawaii, as low-income families face some of the highest living costs in the nation. The number of unsheltered homeless counted at seven areas on Oahu in January was 3,750, up 28 percent from a year ago. (AP)



「這裡土地很珍貴,因為我們住在一塊大礁石上,」Victory Ohana監獄更生團契的領導人蓋瑞:孝茲牧師對《檀香山廣告商報》說。「夏威夷得做點與眾不同的事,跳脫既有的框架。而這就是打破傳統的計畫。」


Sally: Did you hear about the plan to house homeless people on a ship in Hawaii?

Amy: No. What kind of a ship?

Sally: An old Navy one. The Navy will donate it.

Amy: Well, that's an excellent plan. How sensible!

Sally: Unless you suffer from seasickness of course. Then it'd be a different story.






a different story 另一種情況

You can say that something is, or will be, a different story if key facts or circumstances have changed or may change.

當某件事主要的事實或情況已經或可能會改變,你就可以用「a different story」來表示它的發展也許會有所不同。





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