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Meet baby @ 「@」 小孩在此


A child not named after a computer symbol who's still "one of a kind," Beijing, China, Aug. 5, 2007.

Photo: AP

A Chinese couple seeking a modern, one of a kind name for their child chose the commonly used Internet symbol "@" or "at," much to the consternation of Chinese officials.

The unidentified couple and the attempted naming were cited on Aug. 16 by a Chinese government official as an example of bizarre names creeping into the Chinese language.

According to Li Yuming, the vice director of the State Language Commission, the father said, "the whole world uses it to write e-mails and translated into Chinese it means 'love him."

The symbol "@" pronounced in English as "at" sounds like the Chinese phrase "love him." Written Chinese does not use an alphabet but is comprised of characters, sometimes making it difficult to develop new words for new or foreign things and ideas.

In their quest for a different name, Li said that the parents of baby "@" were not alone. As of last year, only 129 surnames accounted for 87 percent of all surnames in China, Li said, suggesting that the uniformity drove people to find more individual given names.

"There was even a 'Zhao-A,' a 'King Osrina' and other extremely individualistic names," Li said, according to a transcript of the news conference posted on the government's main web site,

Li did not say whether police, who are the arbiters of names because they issue identity cards, rejected baby "@" and the others.

But nationwide last year "unfamiliar characters" were used in the names of 60 million people, Li said.(AP)






Mike: Did you hear that a Chinese couple wants to name their baby "@"?

Danny: I did. It reminds me of when Prince changed his name to a symbol.

Mike: I would have to say that's the strangest of all the strange things Prince has done over the years. doing weird stuff

Danny: Yeah, he sure gets a kick out of doing weird stuff.

Mike: Well, it's one of the main reasons he's stayed famous for so long.






get a kick out of 從當中得到快感

To get a kick out of something means to really enjoy doing that thing. For example, "I really got a kick out of playing football. We should do that every weekend."

在從事某件事時「get a kick」(興奮、刺激、快感),表示真的很愛做這件事。例如:「打美式足球真的讓我很興奮,我們應該每週都來打球」。





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