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Smile wiped off British clown's face 英國小丑愁苦滿面

A sad-looking clown in San Salvador, El Salvador, June 19, 2007. 六月十九號,在薩爾瓦首都聖薩爾瓦多的一位愁苦滿面的小丑。

Photo: EPA

A British clown is very sad because he can't use his balloons for his next act.

Barney Baloney said bosses at a supermarket in England where he is going to appear told him to leave his balloons at home. They are worried some kids will be allergic to the balloons.

The 47-year-old clown has had to leave behind his bubble-making machine before. Some insurance companies were worried that kids might slip and get hurt.

He said he was also told at one place that he could not twist balloons into the shape of guns. Those customers were scared the guns might cause youngsters to commit violence, but Baloney was allowed to make swords.

"At this rate I will have no act left," Baloney said. "This country is going crazy."

The Tesco supermarket where Baloney is due to appear won't back down. "This is a health and safety issue," they said.(Staff Writer, with AFP)








1. clown n.

小丑 (xiao3 chou3)

例: I watched a scary movie about evil clowns.


2. baloney n.

燻腸 (xun1 chang3)

例: Cletus loves to eat baloney.


3. allergic adj.

過敏的 (guo4 min3 de5)

例: Kane is allergic to peanuts.


4. insurance n.

保險 (bao3 xian3)

例: Mr. Jones works for an insurance company.


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