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Snail frenzy 饕客大享蝸牛餐

By Catherine Thomas  /  STAFF WRITER, WITH AFP

A grapevine snail moves across the fencing of a snail farm as two farmers look on in Scharpitz on the northeastern German island of Ruegen, Aug. 6, 2007. 八月六日在德國東北部盧根島史卡皮茲的一處蝸牛農場裡,兩名農民觀看葡萄藤蔓上一隻蝸牛緩緩爬越圍籬。


Have you ever eaten a snail? Lots of people like eating snails. Earlier this month there was a snail eating festival in France.

Even though the weather was bad, a lot of people came to join the feast. The organizers said that holidaymakers from France and abroad came to the festival. "We had many more people than last year," said Jacky Pommier, one of the organizers. She also said that some people ate 60-84 snails in a single meal!

The chefs used 500kg of butter, 55kg of parsley and 33kg of garlic. They made the snails using a traditional French recipe called Bourgogne snails.

They must have tasted really good because 100,800 snails were eaten over the weekend! The festival was held in Digoin, east of the capital Paris.







1. feast n.

盛宴 (sheng4 yan4)

例: We decided to have a midnight feast.


2. holidaymaker n.

假日遊客 (jia4 ri4 you2 ke4)

例: There were lots of holidaymakers at the market.


3. abroad n.

海外 (hai3 wai4)

例: I love to go abroad with my family.


4. parsley n.

香菜 (xiang1 cai4) ,荷蘭芹 (he2 lan2 qin2)

例: I like to use parsley when I poach eggs.


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