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Saving Mary Zwo 拯救瑪莉蘇


Muenster's zoo director Joerg Adler, left, and zoo vet Sandra Silinski, right, check up on Mary Zwo as she rests in an incubator, July 1, 2007. 七月一日,敏斯特動物園的主任榮爾格.阿德勒(左)與園內獸醫珊卓拉.西琳斯基(右)為躺在保溫箱裡的瑪莉蘇進行檢查。


The gorilla in the picture is six weeks old and lives in Germany. She was in a hospital because she was neglected by her parents.

Mary Zwo, which means Mary Two in English, and her mother were attacked by the baby gorilla's father. They were then taken away from the other gorillas. Mary Zwo's mother, who missed the other gorillas, then neglected her baby. Mary Zwo got very sick.

On June 30, zoo workers at Muenster Zoo rescued Mary Zwo. They took her to a hospital for humans. Gorilla babies are almost like human babies. This meant the hospital could take care of her.

Mary Zwo was placed in a special machine called an incubator. After a day at the hospital, she was sent back to the zoo.

A vet at the zoo checked Mary Zwo. The vet said she was strong enough to travel. Mary Zwo was placed in a special car seat for babies and taken to Stuttgart. At Stuttgart, she will be raised with other baby gorillas.


金剛猩猩「瑪莉蘇」(英文有Mary Two之意)與母親遭到自己父親攻擊,牠們倆就被帶離,與其他的金剛猩猩分開。瑪莉蘇的母親很想念其他的猩猩,就丟下牠不管。瑪莉蘇病得很重。






1. neglect v.t.

忽略 (hu1 lue4) ,疏於照料 (shu1 yu2 zhao4 liao4)

例: I neglected my plant and it died.


2. attack v.i. /v.t.

攻擊 (gong1 ji2)

例: We need to attack their army.


3. rescue v.t.

拯救 (zheng3 jiu4)

例: The fireman rescued the cat from the tree.


4. car seat n.

汽車座椅 (qi4 che1 zuo4 yi3)

例: My baby brother doesn't like his car seat.


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