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Kangaroo dies hours after tranquilizer capture in Indiana, USA 中箭袋鼠離奇暴斃

A 1.83m tall kangaroo that surprised residents as it bounded through rural central Indiana, USA died on June 4 after authorities used a tranquilizer dart to capture it.

Hancock County Animal Control officers helped capture the pet kangaroo, named Skippy.

The cause of Skippy's death was not known, said Kenny McConahay, an animal control officer.

The amount of tranquilizer used in the dart was only half of the recommended dose, McConahay said.

Skippy got loose on June 1 when two teenage girls opened his cage.

Neighbor Jim Greider saw the kangaroo run across his property the same night and thought it was a huge rabbit.

"I didn't even know my neighbor had a kangaroo," said Greider.

Indiana does not require a permit to keep kangaroos.

"I can't imagine there are very many kangaroos in Indiana," said Dean Shadley, a wildlife conservation officer. "This is the first I've heard of one." (AP)












1. tranquilizer dart n. phr.

麻醉針 (ma2 zui4 zhen1),

鎮靜針劑 (zhen4 jing4 zhen1 ji4)

例: Animal Control Centers use tranquilizer darts to safely handle large animals.


2. property n.

房地產 (fang2 di4 chan3)

例: I've been thinking of buying some property, either a little apartment in Taipei or farm land in Chiayi County.


3. permit n.

許可 (xu2 ke3)

例: You need a permit to carry that firearm.


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