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Ayumi Hamasaki makes scene with bodyguards in restaurant 濱崎步與保鑣引人側目

Japanese pop singer Ayumi Hamasaki poses in Taipei while kicking off her Asian tour, Mar. 22, 2007. 今年三月二十二日,正在亞洲巡迴演唱的日本流行歌手濱崎步於台北留影。


Japanese pop queen Ayumi Hamasaki upset locals in a Hong Kong fishing village when she made a surprise visit for a seafood meal with 22 aggressive bodyguards and flunkies, witnesses said.

Hamasaki, known as "Ayu" to her fans and the biggest-selling solo pop star in Japan, was cocooned by her entourage who prevented locals from getting near her table or fans from taking photographs.

She popped over to Sok Kwu Wan village on Lamma Island, about 3km from downtown Hong Kong after she had completed a series of sold-out concerts at the city's Coliseum arena.

Contributors to local Website forums complained that the diminutive singer, whose unusually large round eyes and fair hair are believed to have sparked a fad for eye-lid cosmetic surgery among Japanese girls, had upset locals.

"The most famous J-pop star of all time was having a post-concert bite accompanied by no less than 12 bodyguards and another 10 strong entourage," wrote one anonymous subscriber to, the blog for island residents.

"(I) didn't have a phone to photo with and the table next to me was prevented from taking pictures anyway," the writer added.

A spokesman for the Rainbow Restaurant, where Hamasaki ate, confirmed the singer had dined at the eatery but wouldn't comment on her entourage's behavior.

"She had lots of bodyguards with her," he said. "She came over on her own chartered boat."

According to her Website, Hamasaki has had 27 number one hits in Japan, more than any other solo artist.

Leafy Lamma Island's seafood restaurants regularly attract celebrities including Jackie Chan and Chow Yun-fat. (AFP)


Today's Words 今日單字

1. aggressive adj.

好鬥的 (hao4 dou4 de5)

例: The dog was aggressive, barking and showing its teeth.


2. cocoon v.i. /v.t.

緊緊包住 (jin2 jin3 bao1 zhu4)

例: A caterpillar cocoons itself and emerges as a butterfly.


3. diminutive adj.

小的 (xiao3 de5)

例: Sarah, a diminutive girl, couldn't look more different from her giant brother.


4. confirm v.t.

證實 (zheng4 shi2)

例: We have one source who insists the official is lying, but we need to confirm that with a second source.












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