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China not backing down from coal power 中國不改燃煤發電

Chinese in Heilongjiang walk across a frozen river in front of smoke stacks. China has no immediate plans to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions.
中國黑龍江的民眾行經好幾個煙囪前的冰封河面。中國當前並無減少溫室氣體排放的計劃。 (照片:美聯社)


This month, the United Nations (UN) released a report about global warming. The report said that humans are very likely responsible for global warming by releasing greenhouse gases like CO2.

If nothing is done to stop it, global warming will cause a rising sea level, large-scale human migration and problems with food supply.

But stopping global warming will be hard. Cutting greenhouse gases means spending money on research and new infrastructure.

For poorer countries, the task is still harder. China burns coal for most of their energy. Burning coal is very dirty, but it is also relatively cheap.

"To replace 70 percent of China's energy consumption really takes a lot of money," Qin Dahe, who was one of the main authors of the UN report, told a press conference.

Even though it is already feeling the effect of global warming, China will do little in the near future to change things.

(Jason Cox, Staff Writer with AFP)






即使中國已感受到全球暖化的影響,但短期內變革的幅度有限。 (翻譯:賴美君)

Today's Words 今天單字

1. responsible adj.

負責的 (fu3 ze2 de5)

例: I am not the one who is responsible for pulling the fire alarm.


2. migration n.

遷徙 (qian1 xi3)

例: Because of the many jobs in Taipei, a migration from the south took place.


3. infrastructure n.

公共建設 (gong1 gong4 jian4 she4),基礎建設 (ji1 chu3 jian4 she4)

例: We simply don't have the infrastructure yet to make the whole city run on wind power.


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