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Lenin greets Antarctic adventurers 列寧歡迎南極探險隊

A team of British and Canadian adventurers has described the "surreal" experience of arriving at the most remote point in Antarctica — only to find a bust of Russian revolutionary Vladimir Lenin.

The team was the first to reach the Pole of Inaccessibility (POI), the point on the Antarctic continent that is farthest from all surrounding seas, on foot.

But an expedition from the former Soviet Union, using huge mechanized snow vehicles, reached the pole in 1958 and set up a small camp there.

"When we were within six kilometers of the position signalled on the GPS we noticed a black dot on the horizon," Team N2i said on their Web site.

"As we got closer an outline of (a) bust started to appear — we could not believe it as we were expecting at the very best a mound of snow from when Lenin was left there 48 years ago.

"He is standing on a chimney of the old Soviet hut about two meters above the snow line — he is a shoulder bust of Lenin larger than life size.

"It is made of some plastic composite — he is totally frost free as if he was put there yesterday.

"It (is) so so very surreal. We are all so exhausted that we have only just put up the tent with Lenin's stern gaze over us!"

Britons Rory Sweet, Rupert Longsdon, Henry Cookson — who together won the 2005 Scott Dunn Polar Challenge — and Canadian Paul Landry reached the POI on Jan. 5 after a seven-week trek across the ice.

They had walked or used kite skis to cover more than 1,600km dragging 120kg sleds. Details of the journey can be found on  (AFP)



)的探險隊,「難抵點」 是南極洲距四周諸海均最遠的一點。


Today's Words 今天單字

1. surreal adj.

超現實的 (chao1 xian4 shi2 de5)

例: The whole experience felt rather surreal.


2. inaccessibility adv.

難接近性 (nan2 jie1 jin4 xing4)

例: Orchid Island is known for its relative inaccessability in the winter.


3. composite n.

合成物 (he2 cheng2 wu4)

例: He gave me a composite of photos for my birthday.


4. stern adj.

嚴肅的 (yan2 su4 de5)

例: The headmistress was rather stern looking.











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