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Flamingo flies the coop 紅鶴飛出籠

Keepers at a British zoo are in a flap about a flamingo missing since it was blown away by the storms that battered Europe in mid-January.

Florence, a pink Chilean flamingo, was caught unaware by a sudden gust on January 15 and was blown clean out of Drusillas Park Zoo near the southeast English coast.

The flamingo was sucked into the air and dumped in a nearby field —and despite a number of sightings since, worried zookeepers have failed to recapture her.

Managers have offered annual membership and entry passes for the zoo for information leading to the safe recapture of Florence, who was born at the park in 2004.

But despite their best efforts, Florence — who has clipped wings — has so far managed to give them the slip.

“It's quite difficult to catch a flamingo as when she's been in open fields she can see the keepers approaching so she's been taking flight. They're trying to wait until she goes into an area that's not as open when it's dusk, so they can sneak up on her,” said a spokeswoman for the zoo.

“She must be a cheeky flamingo if she's taught herself how to fly.”

As time goes on, zookeepers are increasingly worried about how Florence is coping on her own.

“It will be distressing for her as flamingos are a flock species,” the spokeswoman said. “In the wild, flamingos eat crustaceans and shrimps, so she's not going to come across many of those.

“She's in a very vulnerable state. She was seen feeding off the algae in a waterlogged field, but otherwise we don't know how she's managing to get food. We just want to get her back as soon as possible.” 




Today's Words 今日單字

1. clipped adj.

被修剪過的 (bei4 xiu1 jian3 guo4 de5)

例: If you walk your dog regularly its toenails won't need to be clipped.


2. cheeky adj.

莽撞無禮的 (mang3 zhuang4 wu2 li3 de5)

例: David is an affectionate boy, if a little cheeky at times.


3. crustaceans n.

甲殼類動物 (jia3 ke2 lei4 dong4 wu4)

例:The majority of crustaceans live in water.


4. waterlogged adj.

浸滿水的 (jin4 man2 shui3 de5)

例: We couldn't move the car as the field it was parked in had become waterlogged.













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