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A hurdle for free books on demand 萬卷免費書籍任君挑選?

Two men walk past a Google sign at the Google campus in Mountain View, California, USA.
兩名男子走過Google位在美國加州山景城的園區。 (照片:美聯社)


Google announced on Jan. 19 that another major US college library had joined its controversial project to put the world's books online.

The more than one million written works at the University of Texas library in the city of Austin will be converted to digital format and added to Google Books Library Project.

The university's collection includes rare books and manuscripts from early Latin American history, Google said.

"Intellectual discovery is at the heart of the scholarly research process," university director of libraries Fred Heath said in a statement. "The best collections of information are only as useful as the quality of the tools available for discovering and accessing that information."

The Google Book Search project was initiated in 2004 with the aim of scanning every literary work into digital format and making them available online.

Google has stored classic works in the public domain, along with copyrighted books, sometimes without the publishers' permission.

After outcries from publishing houses and authors, Google modified its online library to offer only summaries of copyrighted works and information on where to buy or borrow the books.

Google has rejected claims that it has favored English and it promised it would next roll out a Google Book Search in French.

Opposition to the project, particularly by French and US editors, resulted in a group of book publishers forming the Open Content Alliance (OCA) in October of 2005.

The OCA is a non-profit organization which joins together universities, foundations and data processors to create a common pot of digitized books available online for download or printing.

The OCA has the support of Yahoo and Microsoft.(AFP)

Today's Words 今天單字

1. controversial adj.

爭論的 (zheng1 lun4 de5)

例: The planned highway from Taipei to Hualien is controversial.


2. digital adj.

數位的 (shu4 wei4 de5)

例: We have some old audiotapes here we want to convert to digital format. Can we put them on a CD?


3. scholarly adj.

學術的 (xue2 shu4 de5)

例: This is a well-written scholarly article which certainly required a lot of research.


4. outcry n.

強烈的抗議 (qiang2 lie4 de5 kang4 yi4)

例: There was public outcry at the plan to kill off all the crows.










Google已收入不具版權的經典著作, 以及部分未經出版商同意的版權書籍。







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