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Globe trotting -- Sweden 世界走透透 -- 瑞典

Hunting is an important part of Swedish culture, and as many as 25 percent of new hunters there are women.狩獵是瑞典文化的重要環節,狩獵新手有25%為女性。


Sweden 瑞典

With Dec. 25th right around the corner, are you longing for a white

Christmas? If you are, you might consider heading over to Sweden, where the average high in the capital for December is 1?C!

Read on to learn more about Sweden.


A closer look 說古論今

Sweden is mostly level, with farms in the south, forests in the north, and majestic mountains in the west. Sweden has some of the most unspoiled land in the world. Although the north is very cold, the south of the country is surprisingly temperate and comfortable.

Sweden has a unique and colorful history. They have had a king for almost 1,000 years. During the Viking Age (800-1100), Swedish Vikings became rich on expeditions to places as distant as Baghdad, Iraq.

In 1389, the Swedes joined the Kalmar Union with Denmark and Norway, but left the union to become fully sovereign in the early 1500s. In 1814, Sweden fought its final war, and for almost 200 years has been neutral and at peace.

Economically, Sweden is highly developed and a major exporter. Important industries include timber and engineering. The government provides many services — top-rate health care, free education through university, retirement pensions, funding for sports teams, and lots of time off work. A new father gets 60 days of paid vacation to take care of his new baby! Swedes pay a minimum 30 percent income tax plus sales taxes for these services.

More than half of the population plays sports, of which soccer and hockey are the most popular. Traditional Swedish food includes fermented Baltic herring, salmon, potato dumplings with pork and onion, pea soup and pancakes.

(Jason Cox, staff writer)







WHO KNEW? 你知道嗎?

Like Taiwan, Sweden has indigenous people. While Taiwan has 12 officially recognized tribes, Sweden has just one, the Sami. Four countries — Finland, Norway, Sweden and Russia — have large Sami populations. In total, there are 80,000-100,000 Sami. There are 10 Sami languages, but few Sami can speak them and most speak the language of their home country. Their traditional livelihoods include reindeer herding, fishing, and animal trapping, though many Sami now leave the countryside to work in large cities doing more common jobs. The Sami people also have their own governments and parliaments in Finland, Norway and Sweden. Anybody who is Sami, and has at least a grandparent that can speak Sami, can vote. Traditional clothes are colorful and heavy, made for the cold weather.



1. The climate here is quite temperate, rarely freezing cold or burning hot.

Temperate means ...

a. burning hot weather.

b. freezing cold weather.

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