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Beef noodle cooking competition 牛肉麵大賽

The chef from Liu Shan Dong noodle shop, who has qualified to compete in this weekend's beef noodle cook-off at the Taipei World Trade Center Hall 2 (Taipei Show).
劉山東小吃店的主廚已入圍本週末再台北世貿二館舉行的牛肉麵烹調大賽。 (照片:台北時報)


Do you like beef noodles? If the answer is "yes," then maybe you should go to the World Trade Center in Taipei this weekend.

On Sunday people from Taiwan and other countries will be getting together to have a big cook-off. And what will they be cooking? You've guessed it — beef noodles!

Each team has one captain and two team members. They have just three hours to make twelve bowls of beef noodles for the judges to try. In those hours they must get ready, cook and clean up!

They are only allowed to bring a thin soup and seasoning with them — everything else must be made there and then. They will be scored on how the noodles look, smell and taste. The judges are also looking for creativity, a good balance between the noodles, soup and beef, and how clean and tidy the teams are. The winners get a trophy and medals.

Imagine being a judge and getting to try all those different beef noodles! Yummy!









Today's Words 今天單字

1. cook-off n.

烹飪比賽 (peng1 ren4 bi3 sai4)

例: The two chefs decided to have a cook-off to decide who was the best chef.


2. judge n.

裁判 (cai2 pan4)

例: They asked Jolin to be a judge at their karaoke competition.


3. creativity n.

創造力 (chuang4 zao4 li4)

例: Mary's stories are really good; they show a lot of creativity.


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