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Independent films featured in South Taiwan Film Festival 南方影展大放異彩

Chihkanlou, where the film festival's award ceremony will be held.
南方影展將在赤崁樓舉辦頒獎典禮。 (照片:台北時報)


The 2006 South Taiwan Film and Video Film Festival has announced 26 nominees in three categories as the festival featuring independent films looks to rival the mainstream Taipei Golden Horse Film Festival.

Entering its sixth year, the film festival that began as an experiment has been attracting increased attention and applications, main organizer Huang Yu-shan said. A record-breaking 213 films were entered this year.

The festival, which opens today and runs until Dec. 9 in the southern cities of Kaohsiung, Tainan, Chiayi and Taichung, was established in 2001 to encourage independent filmmakers and film culture in southern Taiwan, where "you can see a huge visual arts gap compared to the north of Taiwan," said Government Information Office Minister Cheng Wen-tsang.

Winners of best documentary, film and animation categories will be announced at an award ceremony on Nov. 26 in Tainan's Chihkanlou.

Over the years, the festival has distinguished itself from its northern counterpart, Huang said. Several independent films, such as Let It Be and Jump! Boys, came out of the festival, achieving relative box office success "It's encouraging for numerous local filmmakers, especially young people who are passionate about making films. It is a driving force that encourages them to keep on producing films," she said.

This year is no different. The opening film, The Road in the Air directed by Isaac Lee, and the closing film Exit No. 6 directed by Lin Yu-hsien — the same director who directed Jump! Boys — have been the festival's most talked-about independent films of the year.

Dozens of foreign films will be screened during the festival, as well as a feature created by promising young directors Cheng Yu-chieh and Ho Wi-ding. 

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1. mainstream adj.

主流 (zhu3 liu2)

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2. visual arts n.

視覺藝術 (shi4 jue2 yi4 shu4)

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區別 (qu1 bie2)

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