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Making a comeback 反敗為勝

An Arizona Cardinals player tries to tackle Bear's player Devin Hester in last week's Monday Night Football game.
上週「週一美式足球之夜」比賽中,亞利桑那紅雀隊一位球員試著阻擾芝加哥熊隊球員戴文•海斯特。 (照片:美聯社)


Last week, two American football teams played a very exciting game. The Arizona Cardinals were beating the Chicago Bears 23-3 with only 22 minutes left in the game, but then a really unusual thing happened. The Bears managed to score three touchdowns (21 points) in those final minutes to win the game. It was truly an amazing comeback.

Comeback is a word that is used to describe something that starts off badly but then somehow ends well. Outside of the world of sports, it usually describes a person who was once very good at something, and then lost it for some reason, but became good again. For example, imagine an actress who is very popular and makes many good movies, but then she makes a bad movie and cannot get a job for a few years. If she starts making movies again and wins an award for acting, people would say that she, or her career, had made a comeback. (Emily Shih, Staff Writer)




Today's Words 今天單字

1. unusual adj.

不尋常的 (bu4 xun2 chang2 de5)

例: In Chicago, it is not unusual for it to snow in March.


2. manage v.i. /v.t.

做得到 (zuo4 de5 dao4)

例: If I can manage to finish reading this book in one week, I will be very pleased with myself.


3. truly adv.

真正地 (zhen1 zheng4 di5)

例: Did you see the poem Alex wrote me for my birthday? He is truly the sweetest guy I know.


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