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Teenager marries hill 青少年迎娶山丘

An Indian artisan gives the finishing touches to a clay idol of the goddess Lakshmi.
印度一名工匠替拉克須米女神泥像進行最後的修飾。 (照片:法新社)

PHOTO: 法新社

A teenage boy in a tribal village in eastern India has married a hill in order to please its goddess and get rid of a curse placed on his mother.

The boy, Robin, married a hill named Lakshmi (after the goddess of prosperity) in front of a large number of people in Jharkand state, the Hindustan Times has said.

The boy's mother had fallen and hurt herself while trying to climb the hill, and she believed the goddess was unhappy with her. She started to pray to Lakshmi and after three months the goddess visited her in a dream.

“The hill goddess asked me to get my son married to her. The marriage will help in getting rid of her curse,” said Keswar Devi, who lives in Bordih village, about 170km southeast of the state capital Ranchi.

“I asked my son and he agreed to the marriage.”

On the wedding day, Robin wore a traditional bridegroom's outfit and set out on foot with a large, happy party from his village to the hill three kilometers away.

The 400 villagers washed the hill with water and Robin placed a string of flowers at the top.

After the priest performed the wedding ceremony, a party was thrown by the groom's family.

“I have accepted the hill as my wife,” said Robin. “I have no remorse.”

A local anthropologist said it was not uncommon for tribal people to marry objects or animals.

“There are (lots) of examples (of) tribal people (getting married to) trees, dogs and other animals,” said former Ranchi University anthropology professor V.S. Uppadhyah. The professor believes this is because the lives of the tribal people are very connected to nature.(AFP)




Today's Words 今天單字

1. tribal adj.

部落的 (bu4 luo4 de5)

例: Many tourists enjoy watching tribal dancing shows in Wulai.


2. prosperity n.

興旺 (xing1 wang4)

例: In the late 1990's Taiwan enjoyed a period of great prosperity due to the rise of the semi-conductor industry.


3. bridegroom n.

新郎 (xin1 lang2)

例: The bridegroom anxiously awaited his bride.


4. remorse n.

後悔 (hou4 hui3)

例: Many prisoners feel remorse for their actions after therapy.











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