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Help me, Mr President 總統先生,幫幫我吧

Indonesian President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono sits between his Minister of Communication, left, and his Minister of Cabinet in Jakarta. 印尼總統尤多約諾在雅加達與通訊部長(左)和內閣部長相鄰而坐


A cry for help from a man desperate for a date was one of two million text messages sent to Indonesia’s president since he set up the service last year.

“I need a job Mr. President! I also need a wife and I want to have a date! Please help me! You are the president, right?” said one of the messages sent to President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono.

The president has been available to the people of Indonesia through a public phone number and a post office box that were created as a way to stop corruption. The president wanted a way for the public to report abuses of power or other problems.

The phone line soon crashed after it was flooded with thousands of text messages and calls. President Yudhoyono did not give up; instead he introduced a new number, 9949, which have the numbers of his birth date.

Of the two million text messages, just 300,000 were actually from people who were making complaints. Of the 18,000 letters, only one-third were serious, according to a book on the complaints that went on sale last week. The rest were calls for help. Some demanded cash to set up small businesses or build places of worship, while many asked for help finding a job.

One woman even asked the president for a mobile phone, saying that her husband would not lend his to her.

Yudhoyono, who took office in October 2004, has promised to improve Indonesia’s bureaucratic problems and get tough on corruption, which has created a lot of problems in the country.(AFP)






1. desperate adj.

極度渴望的 (ji2 du4 ke3 wang4 de5)

例: Many people go to Los Angeles desperate for a shot at fame.


2. corruption n.

貪腐 (tan1 fu3)

例: Corruption is harmful to government, but hard to prove.


3. abuse n.

弊端 (bi4 duan1) ,濫用 (lan4 yong4)

例: Asking junior employees to wash your car is an abuse of your position as manager.


4. demand v.t.

要求 (yao1 qiu2)

例: Ryan burst into the room and demanded to speak to Chuck.






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