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New parallel-parking helper 路邊停車新好幫手

A parking lot in Bailey, Colorado. 美國科羅拉多州貝利市的一處停車場


Honda has developed an automatic steering system equipped with voice instructions to help insecure drivers overcome their fears of parallel parking.

Some 60 percent of customers of the new technology are expected to be women, with beginner drivers also a target market, Honda said.

Helped by a marker on the passenger’s seat, drivers using the system will need to line up with the car parked behind the space where they want to park.

By pressing a button, the car will move forward automatically and put the steering wheel in position to start backing up, with an automated voice offering directions.

“Of course, the system won’t allow the driver to just sit back and have the car do the complete operation, but at least he won’t have to twist his neck to look behind like he used to in the past,” company spokesman Sakae Uruma said.

“This is a very simple system based on computerized information, and doesn’t use anything complicated like a camera to measure the amount of free space left as the driver parks his car,” Uruma added.

The system is part of Honda’s revamped Life mini-vehicle which was available in stores beginning on Oct. 5. The parking device on its own is priced at ?52,500 (NT$14,700).











1. insecure adj.

侷促不安的 (ju2 cu4 bu4 an1 de5)

例: Jane didn’t like her new haircut. It made her feel really insecure.


2. parallel parking n. phr./v. phr.

路邊停車 (lu4 bian1 ting2 che1)

例: Many drivers hate parallel parking.


3. automated adj.

自動化的 (zi4 dong4 hua4 de5)

例: Many people use automated teller machines, or ATM’s, to do their banking.


4. revamp v.t.

改造 (gai3 zao4) ,翻新 (fan1 xin1)

例: Sarah decided to revamp her wardrobe.


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