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We'll bring the noodles! 我們會帶麵來!

A contestant eats noodles during an eating competition in Hong Kong. 香港大胃王競賽中,一名參賽者在吃麵.


Taiwan’s biggest food company has signed a deal for an untold amount of money to sponsor the Beijing Olympics, Chinese officials have said.

The company, Uni-President, has spent US$1.7 billion (NT$56 billion) on building up business in China. It is the only company from Taiwan to sponsor the 2008 Games, a marketing official with the Beijing organizing committee said.

The official said the deal to become the official noodle supplier to the Games was a good financial move for the Beijing Olympics.

“We are pleased with this deal,” said the official, who declined to be named.

Announcing the sponsorship on its Web site, the Beijing organizing committee made no mention of the firm’s Taiwanese origins.

Committee executive vice president Wang Wei said he welcomed the sponsorship from “a famous Chinese brand ... of noodles.”

The Taiwan company said that it viewed the deal as a positive business agreement that would allow it to use the 2008 Olympic logo to help sell its brand in China and elsewhere.

Beijing has aggressively marketed the Olympic Games in an attempt to avoid cost becoming too big, opening several categories of sponsorship for financial backers.

The Taiwanese company joins nine other companies as sponsors, while another nine firms are designated as suppliers.

Eleven Chinese and international firms have signed up as Beijing 2008 partners while 11 IOC Worldwide Olympic Partners will also support the event.









1. decline v.t.

婉拒 (wan3 ju4)

例: Lindsay had said she was hungry, so everyone was surprised when she declined our invitation to dinner twice.


2. origin n.

起源 (qi3 yuan2)

例: Nick is from the US but his family’s origins are French, German and Irish.


3. aggressive adj.

有幹勁的 (you3 gan4 jin4 de5)

例: Allen gets very aggressive when he plays tennis.


4. designate v.t.

指定 (zhi3 ding4)

例: Ken cooks dinner every night, so Rachel has been designated as the dishwasher.






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