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Two heads are better than one 兩個臭皮匠勝過一個諸葛亮

Leonard Sonnenschein, the president of the World Aquarium in St Louis, holds We, a two-headed albino rat snake.聖路易斯世界水族館館長李奧納多•索尼辛手裡握著一隻叫「我們」的白化雙頭食鼠蛇。 (照片:美聯社)


Have you ever heard the expression “two heads are better than one?” If you have, you probably got a picture in your mind kind of like this one.

Of course, the expression isn't talking about people or animals who have more than two heads each. “Two heads are better than one” means that two people working on a problem is always better than one person alone. It's something that you say to a person when you are trying to convince them to accept your help.

But try telling that to the man who is holding the snake in this picture. He is the president of an aquarium in the US, and the people who work there are trying to set a special record.

They want to get a Guiness World Record for having the most two-headed animals being shown together in the world. So far, they're doing a good job. They have ten two-headed snakes and turtles. The snake in this picture has a perfect name for an animal with two heads. It's called “We.”

(Kayleen Hartman, Staff Writer)

你曾聽過「two heads are better than one(兩個臭皮匠勝過一個諸葛亮)」的說法嗎?如果有,你腦海裡浮現的影像可能就像這張照片。

當然囉!這個說法不是指任何人或動物有兩顆以上的頭,「two heads are better than one」意指兩人解決問題總比單獨一人好,通常用於試圖說服某人接受你的幫助。




Today's Words 今天單字

1. convince v.t.

說服 (shui4 fu2)

例:Let's try to convince our teacher to let us play a game today.


2. accept v.t.

接受 (jie1 shou4)

例: That school only accepts students with really high grades.


3. record n.

最高紀錄 (zui4 gao1 ji4 lu4)

例: Everyone was watching the baseball game, because they thought one of the players might set a new record for most home runs.


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