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Miracle or mechanics 神蹟還是物理現象

An Indian artist works on his clay model of Lord Ganesh in Calcutta, India.一名印度藝術家在印度加爾各答刻著象鼻神甘那夏的泥像。 (照片:歐新社)


Tens of thousands of people have crowded Hindu temples across India this month because of reports that gods and goddesses were “drinking” the milk that worshippers offered them.

The milk “miracle” first surfaced in 1995 when temples in India, Britain and Canada were crowded with believers who said that the portly god of good fortune, Lord Ganesha, was now choosing milk instead of the candy he usually prefers.

Belief and worship hold an important place in the lives of most Indians. But the Indian Rationalist Association says the latest milk-drinking “miracle” is just milk being sinking into the statues through tiny holes in the stone.

Even so, there was a reported 30-percent jump in the price of milk when the “miracle” was first reported.

“Forget deities. I fed a cup of coffee to a statue of Jawaharlal Nehru (India's first prime minister) right before television cameras,” Indian Rationalist Association president Sanal Edamaruku said in New Delhi.

“Even bricks are drinking milk,” he said.

His opinion came under fire from Hindu priest Mahant Surendra Nath.

“Why disbelieve when these things are happening right before our eyes?” said the priest.

The milk-drinking-deity craze came just days after many Muslims in the western Indian city of Mumbai drank “sweet” seawater.

Tens of thousands of Mumbai residents drank strangely colored seawater even though doctors said it was full of the city's waste water.

Scientists said that the seawater had become less salty because of heavy rains which caused nearby rivers to overflow.

“The mass hysteria was simply ridiculous — and lethal,” said Edamaruku.(AFP)



Today's Words 今天單字

1. portly adj.

圓滾滾的 (yuan2 gun3 gun3 de5)

例: Garfield is a cartoon about a portly cat.


2. deity n.

神明 (shen2 ming2)

例: Muslims believe Mohammed is a prophet, not a deity.


3. hysteria n.

歇斯底里 (xie1 si1 di2 li3)

例: Hysteria broke out in the house when the family realized that their youngest son was dead.


4. lethal adj.

致命的 (zhi4 ming4 de5)

例: Drinking and driving can be a lethal mistake.













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