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Twists, turns and towers 轉轉扭扭疊疊塔

Acrobats in Sydney, Australia practice their performance.特技表演者在澳洲雪梨排演。 (照片:法新社)


Can you touch your toes? Can you make your toes touch your nose? Have you ever tried to put your legs over your head? If you have, (or even if you haven't but you think it sounds pretty cool) you might one day want to become an acrobat.

Beginning with Chinese performers over 2000 years ago, acrobatics is a performance or sport that uses full-body activity.

Most acrobats are known for their ability to move their bodies in all sorts of strange and seemingly impossible positions. They can twist and turn their bodies into circles, squares and other shapes that make them look as if they are not even people any longer.

Sometimes they do this while holding or balancing different objects. They hold these things for a long time on different parts of their bodies. These things are often things you could find around the house, such as plates or balls. And sometimes, the strongest and best acrobats will hold or balance other acrobats on their bodies in groups of five or six, making a whole tower of twisting and turning bodies. 







Today's Words 今天單字

1. performer n.

表演者 (biao2 yan3 zhe5)

例: The performer's song was beautiful and sweet even though it lasted a little too long.


2. activity n.

活動 (huo2 dong4)

例: If you eat a lot of food right before you do a lot of activity you will probably get sick.


3. balance v.i./v.t.

平衡 (ping2 heng2)

例: The waitress was able to balance three plates of food and a tray of drinks on her arms.


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