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One too many? You're outta here!
喝太多了? 該走了!

Inspired by the yellow and red penalty cards given by soccer referees, some New Zealand bars are using color-coded cards to help cut down on excess drinking.

A yellow card is shown to drinkers who may be heading toward trouble at the pub, while a red card removes them from the bar, said Hospitality Association of New Zealand chief executive Bruce Robertson.

"If you're giving them the red card you're saying, 'I'm sorry, you are too affected by alcohol for us to serve you any more, or have you on the premises, I'm afraid you're going to have to go,'" he said.

Patrons who leave with 'good grace' are entitled to return another time and exchange their red card for a free drink, Robertson said.

Although drinkers could treat the card system as a game, bar staff were trained to guard against that.

"There's always that potential -- 'I'm going for a reddie tonight,'" he said.

Jason Deane, managing director of Trinity Group, which has several bars using the system, said reaction had been very good, lightening the mood in what could be a difficult situation.

Although a free drink was offered to people who got red cards, generally they weren't being used. People were too embarrassed the next day, kept the cards as a souvenir, or lost them, he said.

The nation's Alcohol Advisory Council is keeping an interested watch.

Chief executive Mike MacAvoy said bar staff "hate serving people who are drunk and dealing with obnoxious, loud or messy customers, so if this system works, then we applaud it."

Bars can be fined 10,000 New Zealand dollars (NT$202,900) and have their liquor license taken away for a period of time if they serve people who are drunk.(AP)

Today's Words 今天單字

1. excessadj.

過量的 (guo4 liang4 de5),附加的(fu4 jia1 de5)

例: After you finish icing the cake, you can eat the excess icing.


2. premises n.

建物及其周圍土地 (jian4 wu4 ji2 qi2 zhou1 wei2 tu3 di4)

例: Our business will be moving to new premises soon.


3. entitled to v. phr.

有資格 (you3 zi1 ge2)

例: After all the work you've done, you're entitled to a raise.

(你完成所有工作後,夠資格加薪。)4. obnoxiousv.i. /v.t.

引人反感的 (yin3 ren2 fan3 gan3 de5)

例: Please stop tapping your pencil on the desk; it's really obnoxious.










酒吧若服務醉醺醺的酒客,可能會被罰款一萬元紐幣(新台幣二十萬二千九百元),甚至會被暫時吊銷販酒執照。 (美聯社/翻譯:賴美君)


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