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Fun in the mud 玩泥樂

A girl covers her head with mud in the US.
美國一名女孩頭上覆滿了泥巴。 (照片:法新社)


Most people think that only pigs like to roll around in the mud, but this girl in the US likes mud too!

Pigs roll around in the mud for a couple of reasons. Unlike people, pigs don't sweat. Sweating is important to help animals cool their bodies down, but since pigs can't do it, they roll around in the mud instead.

However, there is one way in which pigs and humans are similar: they both have sensitive skin that can get sunburned. Instead of using an umbrella or putting on sunscreen, pigs cover themselves in mud.

But why is this girl covered in mud? Believe it or not, she is in a competition. Lots of children played in a giant mud puddle, and this girl won by covering herself in the most mud. Do you think you would like to do that kind of competition as well? (marc langer, staff writer)





Today's Words 今天單字

1. sweat v.i./v.t.

流汗 (liu2 han4)

例: It was so hot outside today that I started sweating on my walk to school.


2. sensitive adj.

敏感的 (min3 gan3 de5)

例: Susan is really sensitive. If you make fun of her even a little bit she starts to cry.


3. sunburn v.i./v.t.

曬傷 (shai4 shang1)

例: I forgot to put sunscreen on when I went to the beach, so now I'm sunburned.


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