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Paris brings the beach to the city

Parisians have found a way to get relief from the summer heat by building an artificial beach along the River Seine.

The 2.5km sandy beach along the river's right bank is full of palm trees, beach chairs and umbrellas, and has become a regular part of summer life in Paris since its inauguration in 2002.

However, this year the beach has been extended to include the left bank as well. The area now also sports a kilometer-long beach between a new year-round swimming pool and a pedestrian walkway over the Seine.

This year the Paris beach has taken Tahiti as its theme, with visitors invited to take part in dance classes and shows in traditional Polynesian huts built along the river.

The month-long event, which is completely free, is expected to attract about 4 million visitors.

Mayor Bertrand Delanoe said that the Paris beach is for people who can't afford to take a vacation at a real beach.

This year about 2,500 tons of sand were brought to the riverside, along with 68 palm trees stretching eight meters high. The whole project cost 2.2 million euros (NT$91.26 million) and took 1,500 workers to set up.

The idea has proved so successful that it has been copied in other French cities, as well as Berlin and Tokyo.

Visitors to the Paris beach can also play about 20 sports, such as volleyball and frisbee, while other games have been set up for children.

Although no swimming is allowed in the Seine, water fountains and a bathing spot have been set up along the beach. (afp)




Today's Words 今天單字

1. artificial adj.

人工的 (ren2 gong1 de5) ,人造的 (ren2 zao4 de5)

例: I always forgot to water the plants in my house, so I just bought artificial ones instead.


2. bank n.

岸 (an4)

例: After falling out of the boat, Al swam to the river bank.


3. inauguration n.

落成典禮 (luo4 cheng2 dian3 li3) ,就職典禮 (jiu4 zhi2 dian3 li3)

例: Gloria won the election, but she won't become president until after her inauguration.


4. pedestrian n.

行人 (xing2 ren2)

例: Check for pedestrians when driving through an intersection.










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