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Crow dies at almost 60 years old 近六十歲烏鴉告別世間

Tata, possibly the world's oldest crow, at his home in New York.
塔塔在紐約的窩巢。塔塔可能是全世界最長壽的烏鴉。 (照片:美聯社)


There's no way to prove Tata was the world's oldest crow when he died this month at age 59. But an expert on crows says it's not out of the question.

Tata's story began in 1947 when a thunderstorm blew him out of his nest in a cemetery in New York, a mishap that likely led to his long life. Injured and unable to fly, the bird was scooped up by somebody who worked at the cemetery and brought to the Manetta family, which had a reputation for taking care of animals.

The Manetta family took care of Tata for more than 50 years but gave the bird to Kristine Flones in 2001 because of their own health problems.

“He was never able to fly, so he became their family pet,” said Kristine Flones, who was Tata's last owner.

Flones said that Tata was still a wonderful pet when she got him, even though he was blind and 54 years old.

“It's an incredibly old bird,” said Kevin McGowan, a bird expert at Cornell University who has studied crows for more than 20 years. “They don't live that old in the wild.”

McGowan said the oldest living crow he has ever documented in the wild is 15 years old.

There is an unproven claim of a 29- or 30-year-old crow in the wild, but he knows of no older crows, tame or otherwise.

While claims about animals' ages are hard to prove, McGowan said, “This one sounded pretty reasonable to me.”

If a crow is not killed by other animals or disease, it could live to be as old as Tata, he said.

Flones said Tata was still active and alert in his later years. Each spring he called out from inside the house to crows outside, often loudly and beginning at 5am. (AP)


Today's Words 今天單字

1. mishap n.

不幸事故 (bu2 xing4 shi4 gu4) ,災難 (zai1 nan4)

例: Alex had to go to the hospital after he had a mishap on his scooter.


2. scoop v.t.

拾起 (shi2 qi3),挖 (wa1)

例: I scooped some snow from the ground to throw at Lilly.


3. document v.t.

記載 (ji4 zai3) ,記錄 (ji4 lu4)

例: Doctors have never documented a case of bird flu in Iceland.


4. tame adj.

經馴養的 (jing1 xun2 yang3 de5)

例: Some horses still live in the wild, but most are tame now.













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