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Saluting 行軍禮

Soldiers in the Philippines salute during a ceremony.
菲律賓軍人在慶典中行軍禮。 (照片:歐新社)


Have you ever wondered why people in the military salute? Nobody knows for sure, but there are a few interesting theories.

One theory is that a long time ago in Rome, soldiers were supposed to pretend that bright light came out of the eyes of their superiors. Soldiers saluted to pretend that they needed to protect their eyes from the bright light.

Another theory is that when soldiers wore metal masks, they would lift their mask up to see if another soldier was a friend or enemy. Over time, this turned into saluting.

The most popular theory is that soldiers used to take off their hat when they met their superiors. But because soldiers often wore heavy helmets, it was tiring to have to keep taking them on and off. So instead, they just touched their head with their hand as if they were about to take their helmet off.

Which theory do you think is right? (Marc Langer, staff writer)





你認為哪一種說法是對的呢? (翻譯:賴美君)

Quick Quiz 複習測驗

1. In Rome, soldiers used to pretend ...

a. their helmets were really heavy.

b. they wore metal masks.

c. their superiors' eyes were really bright.

d. to take off their hats.

2. Soldiers used to lift up their metal masks ...

a. to see who other soldiers were.

b. to let the bright sun shine on their faces.

c. because their helmets were so heavy.

d. when they met their superiors.

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