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Thai man starts radio station for dogs

A woman with her dog in Bangkok, Thailand.
泰國曼谷一名婦女和她的狗。 (照片:歐新社)


A Thai entrepreneur who started an Internet radio station for dogs said he hopes to reach out to the country's dogs and cheer them up.

Anupan Boonchuen, director of a dog grooming school in Bangkok, said he started Dog Radio Thailand because he noticed that dogs seem happier when he plays music as he grooms them.

``I have close contact with dogs every day. Dogs get in a better mood if they listen to music,'' Anupan said.

Often when Anupan's students practice grooming for the first time, they do not know how to handle the dogs. So during class, he plays music because it ``puts the dogs in a good mood and they're more willing to let the groomers handle them.''

The programming on www.dogradiothailand.com mainly consists of Thai pop music, but Anupan also plans to have programs in which the DJ will talk to the dogs in Thai.

Anupan said he had long dreamed of starting a radio station for dogs, but it always seemed too expensive. He was able to bring his project to fruition after hearing an international news story about a cheap Internet radio station for dogs in the United States.

He hopes that the DJ will be able to communicate through the radio and that the dogs will respond.

``If we play a slow song, we may have the DJ howl ... because dogs howl too when they hear sad sounds,'' Anupan said. (AP)





這個網址 www.dogradiothailand.com 的網路電台,主要播放泰國流行音樂,但安努潘也計畫製作有 DJ 用泰語跟狗說話的節目。


他希望 DJ 能透過電台跟狗溝通,而狗狗也能回應。

Reading Comprehension

1. What is Anupan's job?

a. He grooms dogs.

b. He runs a dog grooming school.

c. He is a radio DJ.

2. Anupan thinks listening to music makes dogs ...

a. tired.

b. energetic.

c. happy.

3. The radio programs will consist of everything EXCEPT ...

a. sounds of dogs barking.

b. Thai pop music.

c. the DJ speaking to the dogs.

4. Why didn't Anupan start the radio station earlier?

a. He didn't realize the effect music had on dogs.

b. He thought it would cost too much money.

c. He was too busy with his job.

他說:「我們如果放慢歌,可以請 DJ 長嚎,因為狗聽到悲傷的聲音也會哀嗥。」 (美聯社/翻譯:鄭湘儀)

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