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Monkeying around 猴子搗蛋


It isn't unusual to see monkeys doing strange things, but this picture shows a monkey doing something especially unusual. It's ice skating!

Monkeys are very comfortable in trees or on the ground, but it is very rare for a monkey to be on ice.

Ice skating is not easy. Without practice, many humans find it hard to skate on ice without slipping. Just imagine how hard it would be for a monkey.

Of course, the air is very cold, so the ice doesn't melt. Monkeys are not used to cold weather, so this monkey is wearing a bright red coat to keep it warm. How do you think it looks?

看到猴子做怪事並不稀奇,不過照片上的猴子正在做一件格外不 尋常的事。牠正在溜冰!




Today's words 今天單字

1. especially adv.

特別地(te4 bie2 de5)

尤其 (you2 qi2)

例:Penny loves fruit, especially strawberries.


2. rare adj.

鮮少的 (xian3 shao3 de5)

稀有的 (xi1 you3 de5)

例:It's rare to see someone wearing a coat in the summertime.


3. slip v.i.

滑倒 (hua2 dao3)

例:When Linda ran across the wet floor, she slipped and got hurt.


4. melt v.i./v.t

融化 (rong2 hua4)

例:Eat your ice cream quickly, before it melts.


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