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Doughnut holes


Why do all doughnuts have a hole in the middle?

Nobody really knows. There are a lot of different stories about why doughnuts have holes. One story says that a sailor was the first person to make a doughnut with a hole. One day, a long time ago, the sailor was eating a piece of cake while he was on his boat. Suddenly there was a big storm and the sailor needed to use both his hands to steer the boat. So he took his piece of cake and stuck it on a stick, which made a hole in the middle of the piece of cake.

Many people at that time didn't like the taste of the middle of the cake, so they decided to make cakes without middles: doughnuts!

Do you know?


A ``doughnut hole'' is not actually the empty space in the middle of a doughnut. Doughnut holes are small balls of fried dough that are made to look as if they are the missing part of the doughnut.

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